Surfboard riding in the last decade has seen levels of performance rise exponentially. The surfing youth are taking boards to places we never thought were possible. This level of performance is often very closely linked to the equipment used for particular conditions.  Here at Euroglass we are on the cutting edge of this high performance revolution.

We wanted to provide the opportunity for the average surfer to experience it. LC6 is a Carbon laminated Epoxy technology used in two surfboard models Gladiator and Chocolatine. The idea was to create a fast, light and resistant board mixing up our creativity and extensive technical knowledge. The results speak for themselves. Get ready to join the revolution.

  • Our passion for performance gave birth to LC6 Gladiator. We chose EPS for its excellent buoyancy allowing you to reduce your standard volume if needed. This permits tighter turns in the critical sections of the wave. The stringerless EPS core allowed us to control the flex using a carbon laminations on the board. This concept on the LC6 Gladiator concentrates stiffness under your feet where you can generate drive while surfing. This gives you immediate reaction, resulting in drive and speed. Incredible in less than perfect conditions and mind-blowing in fun surf.
  • LC6 technology will optimize performance in this incredibly versatile model. The flex patterns are controlled by the integration of carbon layers during lamination. By strategically placing a wide carbon vector net under your feet we have given you a rigid platform to create drive with. This platform will give the board a fast twitch memory that will react to your movements without losing the natural flow that is so integral in surfing.

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