Leonardo Fioravanti may just have the same impact for Surfers that Da Vinci had for artists in future history books. The Italian Stallion is breaking down all stereotypes and barriers that culture has built.

Born and raised in Rome he took off on his first wave at the local Italian Banzai and his destiny was written. Who could have known many years later he would fall down the face at the Hawaiian version of the Banzai sending him into hospital with a broken back. Earlier that year when asking Leo how many boards you need to take to the Mentawi’s he replied “It depends if you want to charge or not!”. He had just returned from a mythical trip and broken his entire quiver in 3 days. Leo can’t and won’t hold back, he only knows to go. First spotted at a Pro Junior in Portugal as a 9 year old the talent was undeniable. Quiksilver picked him up immediately and 8 years later after winning EVERYTHING that matters he was on the cusp of world tour qualification before the accident.

The injury kept him out of the water for 5 months and 7 months after that he claimed the ISA world Junior title in a comeback that brought the surfing world to a halt. 2017 he hits the WCT with experience in heavy water and a competitive savy in marginal waves that will give him an immediate presence. What does the future hold for Leo Fio? Maybe the real question is how far can this kid go? To the top is where the real money is!