Outhmane Choufani or Omar Sharif to his mates loves big waves. He isn’t looking for corners to hide in when the period lengthens and purple blobs start spinning. As a young grommet his best mate Ramzi Boukhiam told him if he got the bomb he would be the boss. Ever since Outhmane has been striving to be the boss, he wants it bad. Outhmane first walked into Euroglass with a gigantic smile on his face years ago and that smile is still there. Outhmane is always smiling and the word on the street is “Everybody loves Outhmane“.  He is an international young man, a polyglot with French, English and Arabic his natural languages. His father left Morocco at 11 to study in Germany for 14years and eventually became the German Ambassador in Morocco. Outhmane has been studying in a different manner. He is taking courses at Mavericks on how to get to the peak without climbing over the rocks like he did in the dark on his first visit.  At Jaws he has been learning how to stay on his board while getting spat in the back by the heaviest water jet on earth. Each year Outhmane resides for at least a month in Puerto Escondido. While in Puerto he studies getting barreled off his nuts at the world’s premier beach break. Outhmane didn’t notice it was big wave surfing he was doing until others informed him he was crazy. He was just having fun, surfing for Othmane is having fun.