Roxy Break 7’0




The Break is a vibrant, lightweight, user-friendly Longboard. It is a superfun cruising machine that builds and maintains speed to glide over flatter sections with ease. Ideal for everyone from beginners to intermediate girls in smaller or softer waves and will lift your wave count, guaranteed! / SIZES: 9’1 22 3/4 2 7/8 68.7L / Standard cruising longboard outline / Flat V for gliding control and rail to rail transitions /The rocker lands itself to planing and cruising and will also facilitate smooth turning / Full rolled forgiving rail / 1-4 ft, 0-1.4 mt, beach & reef breaks / All conditions / Beginner to Intermediate / Single fin box + Futures side fin boxes / PU foam core / 6x6x4 oz fiberglass / EPS Sycomin® super resistant resin


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