Sharpeye Surfboard Inferno FT

from €749.00

The Inferno FT (Limited Edition) from SharpEye Surfboards delivers you the world?s fastest surfboard with Unparalleled Acceleration, Speed and Flow. An evolution of the Inferno 72, the Inferno FT features...

Sharpeye Surfboard Storm Twin Turbo


The Storms Twin Turbo (T2) from SharpEye Surfboards delivers you the world?s fastest surfboard with exceptional hold and phenomenal performance in small to medium conditions. Derived from Kanoa Igarashi?s ever-popular...

Christiaan Bradley Surfboard Chocolatine

from €729.00

Chocolatine was named after a localised South-West French breakfast croissant and in particular a reference to the world class surf spot "La Piste". Designed firstly as a model to drop...

Christiaan Bradley Surfboard Gladiator Lc6 2.0


Our passion for performance gave birth to LC6 GLADIATOR 2.0. We wanted to make a high performance surfboard better. We chose EPS for its excellent buoyancy allowing a rider to...

Sharpeye Surfboard Inferno 72

from €749.00

Stab in the Dark - WINNER. The Inferno 72 is the model Sharpeye Surfboards built for the 2021 Stab in the Dark contest. This board is a PU/PE replica of...

Christiaan Bradley Surfboard LF

from €699.00

Leonardo's everyday high performance shortboard. The nose rocker has been dropped slightly and run into a flatter belly rocker for typical beach breaks that can be hollow or full on...

Christiaan Bradley Surfboard Killer

from €729.00

Killer was designed to be an aggressively ridden small to medium wave all rounder that feels great underfoot.  It has a medium exit rocker for easier paddling to flat belly...

Sharpeye Surfboard Disco Inferno

from €709.00

The Disco Inferno is a proven contest machine. It is a favourite of the whole Sharpeye team and has claimed multiple WQS victories during the models development. The Inferno is...

Christiaan Bradley Surfboard Solution

from €699.00

Taken from a high performance shape that was tested by pros we added volume where we could. Its a wide point forward style allrounder. Suited to capable surfers those maybe...

Christiaan Bradley Surfboard Onya

from €699.00

The Onya by Bradley is for ripping waves.  Small waves, medium waves or good waves, the Onya will get you in early and carry you over those dead sections. When...

Phil Grace Surfboard 2Bu

from €699.00

With no further ado, it's our pleasure to introduce you to the all-new 2BU by Phil Grace. A twin like no other on the market. Following the incredible and never-ending...

Sharpeye Surfboard #77

from €709.00

The #77 model is Filipe Toledo?s board of choice during his incredible run through J-Bay in 2017, 2018 and 2019. The #77 has more entry and exit rocker then his...

Mark Phipps Surfboard Snowshoe

from €699.00

A hybrid new fun cruising delight by Phippsy. Available in single fin with side bites or as a standard thruster Mark's personal Snowshoe is 6'6 x 21 x 2 1/2...

Phil Grace Surfboard Passepartout

from €699.00

Passepartout has arrived on your doorstep thanks to the lifetime dedication of Phil Grace to your (and his) surfing pleasure. Double concave to vee through the fins will provide speed...

Sharpeye Surfboard Storms

from €729.00

This is the new Kanoa Igarashi pro model for small to medium waves. Kanoa helped Japan to win the gold medal on the ISA games riding his prototype in very...

Christiaan Bradley Surfboard Tang

from €729.00

A free-flowing aquatic creature that will enable the rider to feel everything a classic fish can offer. However, the Tang has been modernized to incorporate every sensation modern surfing can...

Mark Phipps Surfboard Yo

from €709.00

The Yo was designed by Mark for someone that wants one board that he or she can count on without hesitation. The outline resembles a Single fin in the nose...

Christiaan Bradley Surfboard Send

from €699.00

Introducing the Send. This is our high performance step-up. The board you're gonna "send it" with on that trip of a lifetime or in front of your mates on a...

Mark Phipps Surfboard Caviar

from €709.00

Following the raging sucess of the One Bad Egg Mark has designed the Caviar. The Caviar is the reduced length version of the One Bad Egg and incorporating a Fish...

Christiaan Bradley Surfboard New Barcelona

from €729.00

High-performance full volumed ultimate groveller.  This board has been engineered to perform in Mediterranean-style surf or anywhere with little power.  The New Barcelona has redefined what you can achieve in...

Mark Phipps Surfboard Twin

from €709.00

The MP twin was born from the need for speed and freedom. This board will turn faster than any board you have ever ridden. It will give you a turning...

Mark Richards Surfboard Super Twin

from €799.00

The Super Twin is the most popular and versatile model in MR's range. It is the ultimate small wave high-performance board and the model MR chooses to ride most of...

Sharpeye Surfboard Ht2

from €709.00

The peak of all-round performance. The HT2.5 (Holy Toledo 2.5) maintains its design towards everyday conditions only with added spark! After a request from Filipe to make the HT2 go...

Christiaan Bradley Surfboard Flare

from €729.00

Taken from the CB1, the Flares most distinguishing feature is its radically deep concave. The Flare is blindingly fast in all conditions and is amazing in fast hollow waves.

Sharpeye Surfboard Modern 2.5

from €709.00

This design has the same rocker and thickness distribution as the Modern 2. We changed the outline for a wing pin tail and carver a double concave bonzer bottom above...

Christiaan Bradley Surfboard Thunderbolt

from €699.00

The Thunderbolt has been reworked with a slightly lifted tail and Bradley's all-new super squash tail. The super squash size is spot on for acceleration.  Full volume through the front...

Simon Anderson Surfboard Mollusc

from €699.00

Round tail wide semi roundish nose low soft but more volume rail, medium single to double concave, thicker beak nose, slightly thicker tail. Rocker medium to low with smooth nose...

Christiaan Bradley Surfboard One

from €699.00

Bradley's first all out full high performance design. With wins from Kelly, Jeremy, Wilko, Leo etc. This board has constantly evolved but the basic rocker has stayed true. It carries...

Phil Grace Surfboard Purple Haze

from €729.00

Purple Haze by Grace. Back in the early days of surfing the guys and girls that knew what speed was about wanted harder rails and V bottoms. Speed, glide and...

Christiaan Bradley Surfboard Chocolatine Lc6

from €729.00

The LC6 Chocolatine was designed for maximum performance out of an incredibly versatile craft. The flex patterns are controlled by the integration of carbon layers during lamination. By strategically placing...

Sharpeye Surfboard Maguro Twin

from €709.00

MAGURO It means, ?blue fin tuna? in Japanese. One of the fastest fish in the ocean. This is our latest small wave design following the modern 2 concept. The Maguro...

Mark Phipps Surfboard Cheeta

from €699.00

Two years ago sitting on the beach and watching his friends (former QS Grinder) Harry Mann demolish a small onshore wave in Victoria, Mark Phipps started to scratch his head....

Phil Grace Surfboard Single Fin

from €699.00

The Grace single fin is a step back in time. Pure lines for pure surfing. The wide point is forward as it always was with the Singlefin but in the...

Phil Grace Surfboard Noserider

from €1,049.00

A Classic style master, tuned on the points at Torquay and the Basque Country. Just pivot turn, set the rail and head for the nose. The Noserider is Phil's version...

Christiaan Bradley Surfboard Onya Lc6

from €729.00

A high performance design for fast and radical surfing in poor to good surf. The One model is a proven high performance shape, excelling in most conditions but ultimate in...

Quiksilver Surfboard Tang Fish


A free-flowing aquatic creature that will enable the rider to feel everything a classic fish can offer. However, the Tang has been modernized to incorporate every sensation modern surfing can...

Quiksilver Surfboard Break

from €490.00

The Break will ensure you catch the most waves and stay on your feet for the longest time. The Break is a super stable wave catching machine and will ensure...

Mark Phipps Surfboard Humpback

from €1,049.00

The Humpback by Mark Phipps is about redefining what we imagine a high performance longboard can be. Low volume with thinner refined rails and a thinner nose and tail. The...

Phil Grace Surfboard All Rounder

from €979.00

The Grace All Rounder is a “cross-over” and blend between the performance longboard and the more traditional longboard. It is an all-round board meant for smaller waves, yet still capable...

Phil Grace Surfboard Glider

from €1,049.00

The Glider is a knee paddling machine that will traverse oceans given the chance. Most suitable in smaller conditions but will handle up to head high waves. Especially designed for...

Phil Grace Surfboard Heritage

from €979.00

The Heritage is a tribute to the history of longboarding. With the retro style hip pushing the wide tail back this board calls on the original longboard style of surfing....

Mark Richards Surfboard Retro Twin

from €889.00

This is the most popular retro model and a faithful recreation of MR's favourite twin fin which was a magic contest board, and was 6'2 by 20 by 2 1/4....

Sharpeye Surfboard Ht2.5

from €729.00

The peak of all-round performance. The HT2.5 (Holy Toledo 2.5) maintains its design towards everyday conditions, only with added spark! After a request from Filipe to make the HT2 go...

Christiaan Bradley Surfboard Grunt

from €829.00

The Grunt gun has been developed over 10 years with a lot of hard chargers. The basics we have worked on over the years are: 1) ease of getting into...

Roxy Surfboard Longboard Isha

from €799.00

Isha is a vibrant, lightweight, user-friendly Longboard. It is a superfun cruising machine that builds and maintains speed to glide over flatter sections with ease. Ideal for everyone from beginners...

Mark Phipps Surfboard Hartza

from €729.00

The Hartza collection by Mark Phipps. Wider nose thick through the middle and lower rails. This is one of the premier new age gun designs in the world today. To...

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