Onya LC6



A high performance design for fast and radical surfing in poor to good surf.

The One model is a proven high performance shape, excelling in most conditions but ultimate in medium to excellent waves. It has pro credibility. Using elements of the One, we created an ultra high performance grovel board for poor to medium waves that will rip in good waves also. So we named this legend.. OnYa.

The forward rocker was slightly straightened to allow better forward projection and paddling power for weak waves. The tail rocker was straightened and lowered for faster drive reaction and an increased area of sweet spot, ie. a flatter area to allow the board to run and accelerate no matter where your standing, relatively. This board carries wider dimensions so naturally has a wider nose and tail area. This helps dramatically in weak and gutless waves. The rails are slightly fuller and rounder to limit catching, an all too common problem when trying to get your super high performance standard shortboard running in pathetic surf.


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